Sunday, February 08, 2015

CTC Social Trek to Nagalapuram along with Anbu Illam kids

So far only i was involved in Trekking and outdoor activities with CTC. This is the first time taking my daughter,Rakshana studying in UKG. I felt it was a better to choice to introduce her to trekking along with kids.

As the registration were closed a week before, and confirmation and prepratory mails were firing in to make ensure that there is no shortage of transport.

I told Rakshana that we are going to go for trekking this weekend and it will be along with kids from a home. She was exicited, but was quite aware what a trekking would like be as she has seen photos the trek i had earlier gone.

 I was more excited for this trek than my daughter. i made her sleep early and i packed up things and went to bed by 11:30 pm, but i got up at 3:30 am, boiled some raw groundnut, to carry it along the trek. I freshed up myself by woke up rakshana by 4:30 am, and we are out in car by 5 am, it was very cold in the morning, Rakshana was very eager to see the kids at home.

After some co-ordination with the organizer's and volunteer's we reached the home at  Mathur, by 6 am. Srinivasan was in our car, he showed us the way to reach the home. We made the kids all stand in line and counted them, they were all 19 of them +2 Adults from their home.


Rakshana and one of the kid from the home were in the co-driver seat,two of them along with srinivasan were at back.

They all started to talking each other, finally we met the other CTC groups at Madhavaram junction and drove along to Nagala. We had several regrouping to make sure that all the 9 cars are in sync. It was around 8 am, we had stopped for breakfast. Since all the kids were empty stomach from morning 5 am, we all had nice breakfast Idly and vadai + chantini, thanks to the organizer for the wonderful breakfast, following the breakfast we had photo sessions. Here the kids wanted to shift cars..:-) . 

Again we counted and made sure that we had all the 19 kids on board. Now our next stop was the Base Camp of nagalapuram.


We reached the Base of the Nagala around 9:30 pm, the organizers distributed the food packets to all us, and each of them had to catch hold on one kids proceed to the trek. Some of the kids had to go barefoot, some of the volunteers had to carry the kids . Rakshana was happy to see the big mountain, and i told that we are going to enter in this forest, so got her shoes on + sunglasses and cap on top. Her  immediate question was.."can we see animals like Lion, Tiger..etc...? " i had to give a big explanation on why we can find animals here..! Walk the Talk...we crossed the Dam and started entering to the forest, by now she became friendly with other CTC members..and kids.


Now she found a partner for her "Jothsana", muthy's daughter she was studying in 2 nd Std. At around 10:30 am we reached the first stream of the Nagala. Its all here the fun started, the kids all were into the water along with the guidence of each of the CTC member, the camera's started clicking.....


We stayed here for about an hour and left the place by 11:15 am, now it was steep climb, we had to climb over the big mountain and reach the other side..
On some places rakshana felt difficult to climb...and ofcourse..every body was ready to carry her...but she told that she will get on me only :-( ..! 


After about another one hour of trek through Rocks and valley...we reached the Second pool at around 12 pm, Since it was very sunny...there was no hesitation among the kids to get into the water..! Again all the kids were into water, they had all the fun for 1 hr. Now it was lunch time and we opened up the Lemon rice for the lunch.  

Another group with peter went along ahead of the pool to visit two more falls, the magic pool and the sliding pool. The plan was like who ever interested can go along withe Peter and rest of them will stay at the same place . And the group will be back by 4 pm. So we all stayed back, Thilak started engaging the kids with some singing.. Photographers were busy with the camera's... Rakshana was more of interested in playing the stream water and watching the fish along with jothsana, so they both formed a pair. 

So the singing activity with the kids continued with kids..and also given points to them..and those who get more points were allowed to get into the pool for the second time. (No that was not really true...). At around 2:30

pm, most of them again got into the pool again. When the session went till 3:30 pm,and around 4 pm the other group was back from the trek

We started heading back to the base camp,where we had parked our cars, by now the kids were tired and to boost up them.. we needed something for them.
it was by this time..two other volunteers (i think it was anusha and pooja sree) had started distributing the gifts they had got for the kids. it had crayons,pencils,sharpaner,colorpencils and a dairy milk. It certainly made them happy.  

We reached the Dam by 5:30 pm, took some group photos and a 15 mins walk to the car parking . After reaching the car parking, volunteers had some more snacks in the car. So now we were also hungry..and shared it with all.


We all left Nagala by 6 pm, heading towards the kids home, most of the fell asleep in the car. We dropped the kids at their home at around 9 pm.

I and rakshana reached back home at 10 pm with wonderful memories and new friends. 
A day spent really worth....!

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