Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nagalapuram Trek

hello friends,
I had recently been to a One Day Trek in andhrapradesh (3 hrs from chennai ) around 250 kms, this was my frist trek with the CTC (Chennai Trekkers Club). There were 37 members for this trek, it was really a excellent weekend for me. The members were from different places from chennai and to make it in a organized manner the pickup points were decided with timings (Tidel Park, Taramani, OMR road ,Madya Kailash,Guindy circle,Koyambedu and NH5 ).So finally we left koyambedu, with all the 37 members packed in 7 cars.
Unfortunately when we were on the NH5 one of our car got punchered, this was the first experience for the guy who was driving the car,with the help of the other members we replaced the stepni and moved ahead. On the way near uthokottai we had our breakfast (8 am) and packed our lunch and a few amount of 1 liter bottles and dumped it in the veichles and started moving. We reached the car parking (acutally you will not find a single person there ) at 9:30 am,

and then things(lunch , gulcose packets,snacks,water bottles ) were distributed to all the members. So the trek started ,after walking about a 30 mins you will be able to find the water body where you can taste the pure water. Again after moving ahead for another 30 mins (10 :30)you will be able to find a beautiful view of the mountains and ofcourse the stream comes along with you.

At 11' o clock we reached a the first pool where enjoy ourselves for an hour , both swimmers and non swimmers can enjoy, there is also a small falls there to reach that you need to swim across. Unfortunately one of our member had a sprain in his leg, so we had leave him at his place itself and to acompany him one more member had to sacrifice his trek. So as we continued our trek we had to cross the stream many a times and climb steep mountains and slipery rocks with all our CTC'ians helping out each other. Our next resting point was at 200 mts, a cave where usually put up their base camp when the come for a two day trek, finally we were at this spot at 12:30 p m

Then as you move on further for another half an hour at around 1 pm you will be to find a another stream line falls where in you can re-fill your water bottles ,we started

refilling our empty bottles and moved ahead. From here we headed for steepy climb into the deep forest where you could hardly see the sunlight,and we came across a beehive also, and one our member was victim for it. As we continued to trek for another 1 hr , we finally reached the 300m falls at 2 pm (but the water flow was very thin..) and we had our lunch there .

We spent around 1 hr there and started moving back by 3 pm and we reached our first pool, where we left our member with the anchle sprain at 5 pm and again we drenched our selves in the pool for another half-an-hour to become fresh.

Then we had to carry our friend from the this Pool to the car parking , this job was spendidly done by 3 of our CTC'ians (bhagat ,Raguveer and Vetri) .we reached the car parking by 7:30 pm and headed back to chennai (reached koyambedu at 10 pm)
For more photos you can check
Photos by me
Photos by Other Members
Things to Take Care:
1. Have a grep bandage with you.
2.One set of clothes after you get drenched.
3.Antiseptic oinment & cotton.
4.Two bottles of one liter bottle & glucose(if you are the one who get exausted very soon)
5. Rope 20 ft (to help non-swimmers to cross the path)
6. A led Torch