Sunday, December 01, 2013

TWCM 2013 - My Second Full Marathon - 1st Dec 2013

My Second Full Marathon TWCM 2013 - 42.2 KM
 Location: Chennai
Timing 6 hrs 10 mins

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My First Full Marathon - Chennai Trail Marathon -20th October 2013

Hello Friends,
 Here is my experience on my First Full Marathon. It was none other than
 our own (Chennai Trekking Club )CTC's  Trail Marathon. It happened on 20th october 2013. I was very excited to this, since this is going to be my first full marathon I finished it in 5 hrs 40 mins 
Location: Sholavaram Lake, Near Gojan college

and here are some photos 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Half Marathon Experience and Inspirations...

Hello Friends,
 I was able to complete my First Half Marathon Sucessfully on 27th of Jan 2013, at chennnai.  it took me about 2 hrs 20 mins to finish the 21.1 kms non-stop running. 

But how did i get into this running habit.. yes it was the Iniatitive from the CTC, where people started groups in different area's to practice for the Tri-athlon event (8th Sept 2012) which was conducted by the CTC . So i was part of the Anna Nagar Daily Run, CTC group and none of the them turned up to join me for the jogging, but still i kept jogging alone in the Anna Nagar Tower park. Initially i used to jog 2 rounds (that would take me 10 mins of jogging ) and then finally after a few days..  it was constant for me to jog 4 rounds in the Anna Nagar park. With this practice it took part in the Tri-athlon event organised by the CTC on  8th Sept 2012 . but i couldn't finish it up
My statistics turned out to be

Swimming -     650 meters - 53 mins (actually it was 750 meteres )
Cycling      -     20 kms  -  1 hr
Running     -    1 km ( 8 mins) (actual distance to run was 5 kms )

So i decided that i should do more practice on swimming and cycling.

As i kept  jogging going on..  Then came the Next event CTC's Buckingham Canal Marathon on 7th Sept 2012

There were all the categories in it

 5 km, 10 km, Half Marthon - 21.1 km, Full Marathon - 42.2 km

 But as it was first time for me for marathon event, i signed up for 5 km run and was prepared well . 
The race started at 6:30 am and it was able to finish it 20 mins. and this was my first step for half marathon.

and during this event only, i saw the man Bosco who had finished the Full Marathon 42.2 km in 3 hrs 35 mins

  Then our next event was Chennai Wipro Marathon 2012 -IITMadras on Dec 2nd. So a group of people from CTC started practicing at T. Nagar Somasundram ground. We used to start joggind from 5:30 am till 7 am. Here we had our initiator Rajini from CTC . Here under his guidance, we used to warm up sessions and do the post stretches once before and after completing the jogging.
 My daughter also joined this session one day..

We all participated in the event. this time all my friends registered for Half Marathon except for me and rajasekar had choosen 10 km category.

And i was successfully able to complete the Chennai Marathon 10 km category in 55 mins

 You can veiw the full set of Chennai Marthon 2012 photos in this link
So after the chennai marathon, the same set of group continued to take up some strenthing course in YMCA ground. But as i was not able to daily go to the ground from anna nagar to adyar.. i quit the training session. and more over it was time for my daughter LKG admission also we had put her in the Pre-Kg school. so it was difficult for me to manage the time.  

Meanwhile the group had also registered for (21.1km - Half marathon) the Auroville Marathonto be held at Pondicherry on Feb 10 2013. I was missing this..

But fortunately..there came an another Half Marathon organised by the Cool Runners, chennai on Jan 27th. It was a Republic Day Marathon, and it was run for the cause of Harmony homes.  Just before a week's time i and my friend anandh (office colleague ) decided to get registered and all it was done . And this time.. since i was not with group.. i had to start some practice session before i get into the Half Marathon on the Republic day. So i again started practice at anna nagar tower park.
i practiced for 3 days (from morning 5 am to  6 am)
Jan 22nd : 23 mins of jogging
Jan 23rd : 30 mins of jogging
Jan 25th : 38 mins of jogging

And all was set for the Harmony Homes Half Marathon on 27th Jan 2013, sunday.

the schedule was to assemble at 4:45  am in YMCA ground. So i got up at 3 am in the morning, drank 500ml of water, finished of with my morning duties..and left home by 4 am.and reached the ground at 4:30 am. 

The race started at 5 am ...and i kept my pace constant.... and was able to complete successfully without any breaks within 2 hrs 20 mins.

Here is the break up.

First 5 Kms 28:17:00 mins
Next 7kms 38:02:00 mins
Next 3kms 24:22:00 mins
Next 5 km 35:18:00 mins
final 1.1 km 14:33:00 mins 

you can view the full set of photos of Harmony Homes Half Marathon here