Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vats Makkal at Chennai International Half Marathon

j suresh kumar ,Sajeesh,chennai marathon 2009

Hi makkale,

It was on 27th September, i and psycho participated in Chennai Internation Half Marathon. This is the first kind event i am participating
It happened like.. the previous day.. namba psycho called around 7 pm at asked me "are you coming for a Marathon Race starting at war memorial ,chennai, its about 7000 meters. I was happy to join him, so i called up my home said that..i am joining psycho for the marathon race tomorrow(sunday 27th sept) at 7:30 am, that was how the program was fixed. So next day it was psycho who woke me at morning 5:10 am, and i left home by 6:20 am , i reached the island ground at 6:45 am and was surprised to see the crowd.vehicle parking at chennai marathon 2009

It felt like people had come there for an exihibition, it was about to rain.. till psycho didn't turn up,i called him, he told that he was in saidapet, and stop near a shop due to rain.
sajeesh chennai marathon 2009
So i went and registered my self by getting a BIB No (9092965754) after paying Rs 30.
i had brought the camera along me but it was raining,don't know where to keep the camera, so i kept in my bike under the seat and went to check out what was happening at the starting point.
it was now 7:00 am, still namba psycho had not turned up.. 10 minutes late he called me up and said that "machi just entered the parking area.." ok i told him to park the bike somewhere near the gate itself and to reach the starting we finally met each other at 7:20 am, then we went to the starting point, by now it was raining.. we had no option, so the race started and we also joined the public in the rain.. we both were moving together... but people comming behind us started running fast pushing us.. so we had to manage somehow. After running 1 km pyscho slowed down.. so i had to move ahead leaving him.. and plannned to meet at the finishing
point, the road was fully wet..with waters running around... then it stopped drizzling after a while by the time i think i had covered nearly 3 kms.. i also need a break now... but i somehow managed 100o more meters .. and then took a break, 3000 meters more to go.. i covered rest by takings more breaks in between and

reached the finishing point at 8 am. then i received a call from psycho at 8:15 am ,saying that " machi i am inside the island ground ...where are you..?" then we both met.. had some breakfast, and enquired about the registration information.., there psycho also got his BIB No and we were asked to collect our paticipation certificate on october 17 at Tamil Mayiyam, Luz Church Road.

after a while.. i had pain in my legs.. but later i could not feel it.. ,its for sure that.. for the next two days.. it will be hard time in climb the staircase...

Then when we returned to the parking area... and took around half-an-hour to find psycho's bike.

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