Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Entering into parent's world

Sureshkumar-Menaka, happy parenting
Hello friends,

It was on 1st July that we (myself & my wife) became proud parents of our cute little girl baby. Here i would like to share my experience with you all.

It was on 30 June around 3 pm, i admitted menaka to the hospital for delivery (though her EOD was on 17th July), she delivered at 1 am on July 1st. It was a normal delivery, but i was just standing outside the emergency ward from the minute she went into the room until i heard the sound of my baby at 1: 15 am.

Some of things which i would like to share for the other young couples,awaiting their parenthood.

1. Choose a good hospital for check up ,which has the most no of reputations for normal delivery.
from my side i would recomend - Vijaya Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai
2. After your wife has delivered, be ready with a glass of milk, usually this what the docotor's suggest, so if its going to be midnight or early morning, make sure that you had already bought it and kept in the flask.

3. Have a pair of feeding nighties ready (i mean, the nighty which has the option to feed the baby)

4. Once the mother and the baby are shifted from the labour room,you will have nice time watching the baby all time. Keep along with you one person who knows how to hold/carry/handle the new born baby.

Its is only in this initial phase where one becomes happy when the baby starts to urinate and passes motion. I don't know about others but i myself felt it.

5.Prepare triangular shaped soft cloths to tie around baby's waist, around 20-30 (particularly the old cotton sarees used by your mom )